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100XQ: Unique throughout the industry, each LEER Model 100XQ is styled with body lines, details and other elements inspired by the truck model it is made for. The result: Each 100XQ uniquely enhances and completes the truck it fits.
Truck with cap-Wadsworth RD

100XL: The 100XL goes SUV's one better, securing and protecting valuable cargo that doesn't belong in the back seat. A LEER custom-fit premium cap, the 100XL features SUV style windows with twist-out vents and an all glass rear door with the LEER Twist Handle.
Truck with premium cap-Wadsworth RD

100XR: The 100XR offers you a useful combination of form, function and style, with a curved all-glass rear door, center-mounted LEER flip lock, and 50/50 side sliding windows with screens.
Truck with cap-Wadsworth RD

100R: Rugged, reliable, and cost effective, the famous LEER 100R is a great way to protect your pickup truck and the cargo you carry, especially when you take advantage of LEER's long list of options to add the special features and functions you want.
Leer Cap-Wadsworth RD

180: The model 180 mid-rise cap encloses 20% more space than a cab-high cap, and has a full-height door to make loading and unloading easy. If you ever use your truck for large, bulky cargo, pets, plants, or overnight shelter, you'll really appreciate the extra room.
truck cab-Wadsworth RD

122: The famous Model 122 takes everything that's great about LEER's cab-high caps to a higher profile. The oversized door and added clearance mean more capacity and headroom. If you need to protect, secure, and transport bulky items, the high-rise design of the 122 can do things no other truck cap can.
truck with high profile cap-Wadsworth RD

700: The tonneau that started a revolution! The LEER 700 showed truck lovers that tonneaus don't have to be boring - they can be beautiful! The style lines and high-dimension details capture the essence of each truck model they fit. Get the best, the original high-Dimension tonneau, the famous LEER 700.
Truck with tonneaus-Wadsworth RD

550: The new 550 is a dramatic low-profile expanse of gleaming fiberglass with the custom fit and reliable performance that made LEER famous, now including a convenient rear-mounted Flip-Lock Handle with Rotary Latches, Gas Props with Adjustable Superlift Assist., LEER 4-Bar Hinges, and front- mounted FlexSeal. Headliner, Interior Lighting and Keyless Remote Unlock are available as factory-installed options.
Red Truck with tonneaus-Wadsworth RD

180XR: The Model 180XR Midrise truck cap combines many of the most sought-after features of truck cap buyers in one stylish, economical unit. It encloses 20% more space than a cab-high cap with one-piece curved tinted glass rear door with a center-mounted LEER Flip Handle lock and reliable 50/50 framed side sliding windows with screens for maximum interior ventilation.
Red Truck with tonneaus-Wadsworth RD

100RCC: The LEER Model 100RCC turns the industry's most popular fiberglass cap into a true commercial workhorse, with structural reinforcements to handle tough jobs while looking great with custom-fit fiberglass and paint to match your truck color. It's the perfect combination of style and substance.
Truck with fiberglass cap-Wadsworth RD

180RCC: Similar in construction and features to the LEER model 100RCC fiberglass commercial cap, but in the mid-rise height, the Model 180RCC adds over 3" of interior clearance and bigger, taller door opening.
Truck with midrise fiberglass cap-Wadsworth RD

180XL: The Model 180XL Midrise truck cap encloses 20% more space than a cab-high cap yet offers sleek, SUV-like styling, with large tinted side windows with hidden frames and twist-out fresh-air vents with screens.
Truck with fiberglass cap-Wadsworth RD

DCC: LEER's most heavy-duty aluminum cap. LEER makes a complete lineup of caps with strong but lightweight TIG-welded aluminum frames and tough .035 aluminum exteriors, under the famous LEER name.
Truck with aluminum cap-Wadsworth RD


Truck with aluminum cap-Wadsworth RD

Triology:The Trilogy by LEER™ folding tonneau cover makes your truck more functional and versatile than ever before. With Trilogy, you can drive with the cover folded down to secure your truck bed, or you can fold it back and drive with two-thirds of the bed open and accessible. And Trilogy is so easy to install and remove, you can simply put it on or take it off whenever you want. No tools required.

Truck with aluminum cap-Wadsworth RD

Introducing Velocity by LEER
The Velocity by LEER™ is an economical, roll-up soft cover with innovative patented and patent-pending features you can't find anywhere else. Its dual, LEER pinch release latch system (patent-pending) locks down the cover or opens the cover from either side of the bed. There's nothing else like it.

Truck with aluminum cap-Wadsworth RD
With Velocity by LEER™, you have the flexibility of an easy-to-use cover at a great value. Roll it back and secure it in place for full access to your truck bed, or unroll it for a sealed bed cover.
When it's in place, the cover's aerodynamic profile reduces the wind resistance of your truck, lowering your fuel costs.

Challenger: LEER Challenger Aluminum caps offer a wide variety of styles, features, and options at affordable prices. These caps come standard with two T-Handle locks, third brake light and black trim.

We offer a complete line of Ultimate Linings products including, high and low pressure spray in bedliners.
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